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             "The Nameless Ones"
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Modern Indian #1

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Ed Harris
Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Renée Zellweger
Harris and Mortensen star as a pair of sane lawmen out to tame a once chaotic Western town. Ed and Viggo find it in the throes of a criminal rancher in Appaloosa.
Storyline is an adaptation of the Robert B. Parker novel which puts Harris once more behind the camera again following his acclaimed directorial debut with Pollock.
Co-star Renée Zellweger now one double-dealing widow whose looks open a rift between our two men and their mission
Opens Sept 19

Warner Brothers
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ITEM: 3,977,889.331 acres of land are named after Cochise (Chies-Co-Chise)

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Not even a

Wife of Chief Chies-Co-Chise

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Dstehseh --Daughter of Mangas Colorados, Sister-In-Law of Geronimo
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White Women Made American Indian Chief Sept 18, 1891
Harriet Maxwell Converse was made a Chief of the Six Nations Tribe at the Tornawanda Reservation, YU. She was given the name Ga-is-wa-not, meaning "The Watercher". Harriet had been adopted as a member of the Seneca tribe in 1884 in appreciation for her efforts on behalf of the tribe.

Or Father

Chief Tahza
Son of Chies-Co-Chise

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Chies-Co-Chise  means "Wood or Wooden"


  Then You Find Out An Authentic 1800's Town and and Exciting Trip Back in Time
Nino Cochise
Son of Dstehseh
& Tahza
or Harry Potter in a headband...
 the Family continues...

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Today more retail businesses are named Cochise than are named Mc Donalds

And...  there is tiny 6 pound, 'ugly girl' who Geronimo lived to see dead.
Rat Dog
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Minnie Cochise,
wife of Nino

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